All great art is a form of complaint. - John Cage

Most anarchists are gentle people.
-Anna Zilboorg

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fruit Picker Basket

Spring has Sprung

 The plum tree blossoms will soon turn to dark red leaves; the plums will be ready by the end of May.  Last year I climbed out on to the roof to pick the plums on the high branches.  This year, I would like to catch them as they fall - bedsheets?  Netting?  What do orchards use?  Off for a bit of Spring Break research.

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Krzysztof Wodiczko's newest installation, . . .OUT OF HERE: The Veterans Project. . .a visual and aural narrative conveying the complex psychological and emotional impact that combat has on both military personnel and civilians.  Based on interviews and encounters with veterans and civilians from Iraq and Afghanistan.

. . .a darkened gallery space, the only source of light projections of horizontal windows along the perimeter towards the ceiling. . .inside looking out. . .innocuous sounds daily life - a child bouncing a ball, women calling to each other, a truck stopping and unloading - interrupted by sounds of gunfire and active combat.

Flame, a video with sound recording of an attack on a U.S. convoy in Afghanistan.  The work depicts a solitary flame flickering in synch with the sounds of the attack.

Hiraki Sawa, pt.1

"Coming full circle is movement without displacement.
In that time, you simply are, and all change is in the looking."
- Hiraki Sawa

Hiraki Sawa, pt.2

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hiraki Sawa, pt.3

Duke Riley, Pt. 1

Duke Riley, Pt. 2

Caroline Walker

Chelsea Grafitti

John Beech

Goose Barnacle

Thank you David and thank you Goose Barnacle;
thank you Belinda and Eric and Ruby and Lou;
thank you Crystal and Julie and Jen;
thank you Josh and Tiffany;
thank you Ian Martin;
thank you Liz and Brendan;
thank you Yayoi and Amy and Hee Jung and Meredith and Peter and George and Paul;
thank you Bobbi and Laurie and Gail;
thank you Nick and Kei-Chi;
thank you Tim and Eve;
thank you.

Hanging About

Ruby and Finn:

Climbing on Neil:
Rescuing Neil:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Handball on West 4th

Some City Sights

Just back from New York.
 Pick-up game on West 4th, Upper West Side, 
Manhattan Beagle, Vines, Chinatown:
Chelsea gallery front, red monsters, handball on West 4th,
crossing the Manhattan Bridge, blue construction wall, City Diner:
Jeff Koons's studio, debris:

Friday, March 11, 2011


Lambs and Students and Suzy

Travis and one of the twins.

Kenneth and Elise and Luna's lamb.

Suzy and Elise.


Mitchel and Ali.