All great art is a form of complaint. - John Cage

Most anarchists are gentle people.
-Anna Zilboorg

Sunday, May 16, 2010


One of my work tables this morning.  Its order surprised me.  I have been knee deep in roving and paperwork and finally cleared the studio and dealt with things undealt with since March.

The blue doll form is a prototype - I could aim for proficiency as a seamstress, but I will instead aim for charm and maintain my grade school skill set.

Mary Ann Holmes of H & K Farms in Pleasureville, KY spun the skein of Icelandic wool.  I am going to make mittens with it and then sit on our front porch and wait for winter.

The bowl is full of antique rag yarn purchased on Etsy and a tiny rag doll from Scottsburgh, Indiana.

The frame holds a 1920s advertisement.
My grandmother
Alberta Regina Miller
- Mom-Mom -
models the yarn.

At the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival today: serious mittens and a lamb reaching for greener pastures.  There was a perpetual spray of rain in the air, a bagpiper out in the field and Russian Wolfhounds loping about.

These mittens were knitted and fulled by Debbie Barnett - I think she said she was from Bourbon Co., KY.  They are her father's - he wears them to feed the cows.  I would love a pair for walking Puppy on cold nights.

This lamb belongs to Diane MacDonald of Tanglewood Farm.  A bag of her green citrus roving called to me, but I opted instead for some of her black and orange roving.  I hope to spin it into an autumn hat for my son.

My good friends JoAnn Adams and Angela Mobley were at the festival - I lured many friends to their kind and knowledgeable webs. 

A poem:

wolfhounds loping about
cold nights
for my son
knowledgeable webs

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