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Most anarchists are gentle people.
-Anna Zilboorg

Sunday, August 22, 2010


On an early visit to JoAnn's (Sweet Home Spun), Stephanie took this photo of me with some of my faves: Finn, giant dog, bunch of sheep.  Stephanie got me back into running this month - look at those lean legs!  I'm gonna get 'em back! And the little guy is not so little anymore.  I think that's Suzy sniffing Finn's boot.  This image was taken in the fall, 2008.  I would like to pitch a tent and sleep out in the field, to hear the sheep move about at night.  (JoAnn is going to laaaaaugh at this new dream.)


Runic Rhyme said...

Hullo stranger-friend! I was on the phone with a friend of mine yesterday (Tonya from The Knit Nook) and I'm telling her how the fellow & I have been looking at a cabin and some land in Henry County and how I want to buy alpacas and learn to spin and furthermore...relative to her...learn to knit as well. This morning I received an email with your blog link, and here I am.

So far I have learned that the cute little cabin I pass en route to view "our" land & cabin (Sweet Home Spun) is more than just a "wee cute cabin!"

I look forward to learning more about alpacas and spinning and fiber arts in general from you :]


adrienne heath-stiefel said...

Hey Runic Rhyme!

So glad to hear from you! To own land in Henry Co. is my 5-year plan. I crave the air there - suprisingly, I do not crave the same air as it floats to Shelby or Oldham. . .something about Henry County.

You should definitely come to the Meeting House (Sweet Home Spun) - JoAnn Adams (shepherdess and all-around wool master) hosts a monthly gathering (the Second Sunday of every month, 2-6pm) - please come to the next one - I will be so glad to meet you.

Let's get Tonya out there, too.


Stephanie Klap said...

That was a beautiful day! Pitching a tent at JoAnn's would be lovely...sounds of the animals moving about, maybe poking a nose in your tent. I imagine dew on the tent and damp, cool air during the night. Take a wool blanket. Mmmmmm

adrienne heath-stiefel said...

Yes! Yes, yes!