All great art is a form of complaint. - John Cage

Most anarchists are gentle people.
-Anna Zilboorg

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I have been madwoman-double-knitting handspun pillows for a project that I cannot yet envision fully (thus, the previously stated need for clarity).  I am building a mountain.  Some early stones:

I think they want to get out of the rectangle.  Because they are double-knit, I can morph the shape as I go.  Dear God, It's me, Adrienne.


Jenna Leigh said...

These are really great!!

adrienne callander said...

Thanks! I really need some feedback these days!

Stephanie Klap said...

Can I jump into the mountain when complete?

adrienne callander said...

@Stephanie: Yes!

joywilson1979 said...

are you selling any? perhaps one that doesn't fit into said unknown thusfar project. i would love to buy one for alex. she would LOVE