All great art is a form of complaint. - John Cage

Most anarchists are gentle people.
-Anna Zilboorg

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Morning Table

I often retreat from the family camaraderie of the kitchen table in the morning to sit in the studio.

Coffee and the internet.  Although, lately, I have tried to pause before firing up the day to watch the light, to welcome it into our home, into me.  Along with the light come at least five thoughts that call for action.  Thus ends my morning meditation. 

I could not decide on a coffee cup this morning.  I wonder if everyone has a favorite or two.  Here is my second favorite. 

You know it's your favorite if you feel disappointment when you realize that a) it is dirty or b) someone else is already using it.  Send me an image of your favorite cup:


Angela Mobley said...

I must do so!!! We have broken somany cups this year due to the littlest one and his explorations.

Kristin said...

I would, but mine are all dirty! (And you know if it's your favorite if you dig through the dirty sink to find that one cup so you can wash it out and use it.)

adrienne callander said...

Kristin, too true.

tt said...

OOh, I have to send you a photo of my favorite coffee mug. I got it at a hostel in New Zealand. I stayed there for several days, and traded it for the mug I'd brought with me. Yours looks cozy and I like your morning meditation.

adrienne callander said...

Oh, please! Send in your photo! A real travel mug. I need to travel again. . .beyond Michigan and New York.