All great art is a form of complaint. - John Cage

Most anarchists are gentle people.
-Anna Zilboorg

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Handspun Shawl, pt. 2


The shawl is perhaps 1/3 finished; alas, no more roving.  I will see if I can find something comparable out at the Meeting House.  Every Wednesday evening, I have been learning to spin at the Meeting House.  Two former students from U of L (Jenna and Erica) are there, too.  They are mad scientists.  Here's Erica doing a field study: 



Stephanie Klap said...

I know that these beautiful dogs are large, but adding Erica in the viewfinder brings scale into reality...unless Erica is four feet tall.

adrienne callander said...

Seriously! Big gentle wolves.