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Most anarchists are gentle people.
-Anna Zilboorg

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Industrial Lust

The Uline catalog offers the most beautiful array of toxic industrial products for the production of more toxic industrial products.  I cannot turn away.  Oh, poly tubing and a heat sealer!  I would bag everything in my house.  Bobbie pins, bagged.  Dog kibble, bagged.  Tiny Playmobil swords, bagged.  Pennies, bagged.  Old correspondence, bagged.  What would you heat seal in a polybag?


yeen said...

i can so relate. i'm obsessed with industrial laminators and paper cutters.

adrienne callander said...

I am so glad you understand - of course you do! Do you still have your wooden sunglasses?

tt said...

I used to use that very heat sealer when I did bench research. We didn't use big rolls of plastic, but boxes of seal-a-meal pouches. I'd use them incubate my nitrocellulose membrane with antibodies, sealing in odd shapes of the membranes and then leaving them to shake or rotate for various periods of time. they're kinda fun.

adrienne callander said...

Ok, now you have to send in a photo of this, too.