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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today's Challenge

Here's the challenge:

Turn a mass produced scrub mitt into a handmade good that does not cost more than the entire gift box of bath goods that carries it.  A friend I made at the Menagerie show makes beautiful bath goods (soaps, lotions, oils).  Everything in her kit is made by her, except for the scrub mitt.  A mitt made in China is cheap, but it burns fossil fuels from the moment it is made, as it travels across the ocean, as it is trucked across the country.  Not to mention, the fibers are synthetic (yuck).  Yet, the mitt cannot be so costly that it competes with all the other products in the kit. . .so, how to make an affordable* homegrown mitt?

*Affordable; not something for nothing.


Angela Mobley said...
Use local wool or USA cotton, or better yet, something repurposed. What d'ya think?

adrienne callander said...

Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn keeps the supply cost low without sacrificing quality - what about labor? What is the least one could charge for this item? In terms of construction, it seems a long rectangular piece folded over and sewn up along the edges would be fast, but maybe knitting in the round would be faster. I guess I'll just have to time myself and make a few. Your ravelry lead has me thinking of colors, too. thanks!

Kristin said...

Have you thought about sewing? Maybe cutting up old towels and sewing them together? (They won't be as simple and elegant, but I just LOVE patterned old towels from the 60s and 70s.)

adrienne callander said...

This is a GREAT idea - a washcloth, repurposed. The hunt is on for great towels. Thanks!